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Your brand condition

Obviously, your business isn’t like any other business. But experience has taught us that the brands which come to us for help tend to fall into certain categories.

Some brands are new, while some have been around the block a few times – and they both face particular challenges. People, products and places change, but do the brands change with them or fall out of sync? Sometimes brands are bang on the nail for the market of the moment; at other times, they slip off course and need help to get back on track. Sometimes they face a disaster or an extraordinary opportunity.

We’ve diagnosed 16 of the most common situations brands can find themselves in. We call these the Brand Conditions. Which one matches your brand’s current situation? Are you Drifter, Bombshell or Unintended stealth? Have you Hit the Ceiling?

For each of these Brand Conditions, we can provide the brand positioning and communication support which will help turn things around and refocus your business.

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Find your Brand Condition™

What’s your


You’re less in control of your brand than you might think – because it really only exists in the heads of other people. These might be your customers, employees, competitors, or suppliers. They could be the media, your regulators, or the general public.

That’s why it’s so important to manage your brand; to continually be working to influence what people think of it. Here’s another curveball: you may have more brands than you think. There’s your business and each of your products and services, and then there’s all of your key people, too.

As the owner or custodian of your brands, you may find it helpful to step back from time to time and assess the condition they’re in. Drawing on our experience, we’ve identified some typical ‘brand conditions’. Scroll through the list, hit the down arrow for a description and tick any that you feel reflect the situation your brand is in. By all means tick more than one, you might be a hybrid. We can help with any brand condition or situation. Call us for a chat about what we can do to help.

Rapid Growth

Your board/investors are planning for fast growth and then exit – and want to know how the brand can be leveraged to deliver the best value. (Applicable to a start-up, take-over, merger or MBO.)


You’re not happy with where you sit in the market. You’ve eyed the competition, and need a strategy for re-positioning your brand.

New Markets

Things are going well in a certain sector or country, but it's time to branch out – perhaps extending your territory or target demographics, or extending your products and services.

Hit the Ceiling

You’ve done well, but you’re stuck looking and sounding like a small business. You want to break through the ceiling and move in the circle of bigger brands at the next level.


You may be well-established… perhaps once even the market leader. But have you become a bit complacent, or even old-school? Do you need innovation or a new message for the market?

Heads Down

You’ve been working away, year after year and woken up one day wondering how you got there. Is your brand what it used to be? Are you now saying the right things? Does the market want more or a different proposition?


A once much-loved brand, previously dead but now dusted off again. How should it relate to today’s market? Should you go back to the old values, or give the brand a modern spin?

Rabbit in the Headlights

Someone new has just crashed into your market, or a competitor has forged ahead. They look shiny and exciting, but you feel jaded and listless – just when you most need to react.


Things have gone well; you’ve had time to reflect and enjoy the successes. Now you’re in a new phase of realisation, where you need to get back in the saddle.

Unintended Stealth

Your existing business is trucking along, but market penetration and awareness are low. You’ve never really invested in your brand, and you’ve realised it’s time you did.

Intended Stealth

This may be the rarest of all. You need to keep your head below the parapet – but you still own a brand and need to manage people’s perceptions of it, internally and/or externally.


Something big and bad has happened: maybe a PR disaster, or the loss of a product or person. You need help to pick yourselves up and connect with your market in a new way.


You manage a strong brand overseas – but you know you’re going to need specialist help adapting it for a British, European or generally Western market.


You’ve had a great idea, written your business plan and sourced your funding. But what next? Have you simply got a product, with no brand strategy? What about a marketing plan?

In the shop window

You are planning your exit strategy and positioning the business for sale. You know any potential buyer will be interested in a strong management tier with limited reliance on you. You also know your value will increase with a stronger brand.


Some clients have you in mind for products or services that aren’t your core offer. How do you change those perceptions?

So, you’ve found your brand condition, what can be done about it? Quite a lot actually! We’ve helped other businesses move forward and change.

To submit your brand conditions, please enter your email address below and we’ll be in touch to start the conversation.