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What’s wrong?

It’s a busy market. So you only have a short time to catch someone’s attention - and hold onto it - before they move on. Therefore, that golden moment must be worth investing in. The opportunity mustn’t be lost.

Time after time, however, we see businesses miss that opportunity. Some struggle to know what to say to the outside world. Some think the way they communicate is fine – when in reality it isn’t clear, doesn’t reflect their business, and can even be damaging. Some say a lot without really saying anything. Some don’t say enough. Some complicate things so much that customers are bewildered. Some can’t be objective; by the time their communication leaves the building, it feels wonderful to the business but means nothing to potential customers.

The truth is, it’s very difficult to see the forest for the trees. That’s why you need the objective help of specialists in brand communication. People whose job it is to help you sell more to the right people. People who get a kick out of helping businesses to flourish.

10 reasons why

brand communication

goes wrong


Business decisions about branding are taken by too many people, or the wrong people (so messages become diluted, confused, or don’t match the offer)

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The business can’t put itself in the customer’s shoes

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No one within the business has worked out what the brand’s key messages really are

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Communications are all about the business – not about the customer

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People within the business don’t see eye to eye on what the brand is about – and may not realise these differences exist

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The business thinks what it does is so clear, and so fantastic, that it must be equally clear and fantastic to everyone else

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Communications lack consistency, and may even be contradictory

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Businesses are afraid to be confident

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No one asked an expert.

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Brand communication is done on a shoestring or in-house (this inevitably ends up costing much more in the long run)

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