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Who you are

You're a business owner or senior manager. You love what you do and get a real buzz out of doing business.

But sometimes you just wish things were… easier. You wonder if things could be different. You worry about the way your brand is presented to the world. Is it floating people’s boats? Is there a trick you’re missing? Why do you always have that niggling envy of your competitors?



We’re asked questions all the time, here are just a few of the more common ones:

Can I change my brand perception?

Yes this is possible, in fact we have done this for many of our clients. It involves a lengthy process, but it is a very achievable outcome for many businesses.

How do I position my brand in a new market?

Firstly we need to understand you, then we need to put ourselves in the shoes of your customers. This is achieved through a series of discovery workshops.

How do I communicate my business's core values?

Do you truly know your core values? Are they a true representation of your business? We can help define these first before we communicate your values both internally and externally.

We can help you with all of the above and more.
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But the thought of changing your branding and marketing flings up alarming pictures in your mind. It sounds big and expensive (and a bit scary, to be honest). And where would you start? Who can you ask to help you? All those high-falutin’ marketing agencies sound a bit ‘up themselves’.

Will they really make the effort to get to know your business properly, and understand what you want to achieve? Do they even understand business, or are they all about groovy design and social media? Are they actually any good, or will they just want to charge you an arm and a leg for changing a perfectly good logo?

You’ll be so relieved when you meet us.