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The new site is a significant step in the right direction for MBP Solutions making the transition from a small company to a professional and growing business. One of the requirements was to provide a site that employees would be proud of and I think you have certainly produced it.
Paul Stather IT Development Project Manager. MBP Solutions.


MBP Solutions is a global leader in the repurposing of by-products - and also one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Established in 1999 the business has grown steadily, expanding its global footprint and range of capabilities to the point, today, where it wants to promote its range of services more actively to a wider, global audience.

The existing MBP website wasn’t felt to be doing the business sufficient justice; its messaging was considered unclear and too technical in language and tone; and overall it wasn’t sufficiently sales-focused. The brief was to begin to repackage the whole MBP Solutions identity and story through the 'shop-window' medium of their website.

New website compared to old website
New MDP Website Old MDP Website


The Other Person worked closely with the core MBP project team to help them guide the rest of the business on the range of inputs required to enable us to weave together a coherent sales and information story incorporating all the various elements of such a diverse business. Materials were sourced from all over the world and in different languages covering every aspect of the business.

This then required an intensive overall 'edit' to align and standardise all the various inputs. The Other Person also used this opportunity to help position the business and its various elements in a more dynamic and sales-centred way so that it is easier to understand exactly what the business does. The overall identity of MBP Solutions was gently 'evolved' throughout the development process in order to give the brand a clearer and more consistent look, feel and terminology that can be further extended across the business as the marketing and sales activity intensifies.

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It’s too early to say in empirical terms. However the client’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive across all 11 countries. Visit times have increased on key pages and the bounce rate across the site has reduced significantly - all indicating much higher interest and engagement levels with the new site.

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