Sentio Partners

We do so much more than just provide corporate finance advice to our clients - we truly invest in our relationship with them and we connect on an emotional and human level as well as a business one. The Other Person recognised this quality in us and helped us to bring it out whilst also giving us a really distinctive and strong visual personality that is markedly different from what you usually see in the professional services market.

Andy Miller, Partner. Sentio Partners.


Sentio Partners was established in 2012 as an independent corporate finance firm by former partners and employees of BTG McInnes Corporate Finance. As they grew it became clear to them that their original identity lacked sufficient visual impact, was too similar to certain other professional services firms, and didn’t reflect the personality and qualities of the business. They wanted a distinctive corporate identity that would be strong, easy to apply and that could grow with them as they became more established. In particular they wanted a new look and feel for their offices and for their marketing materials, particularly their website.

Old Sentio Logo Compared to the New Sentio Logo


The Other Person has worked with Sentio for a number of years. The first stage of their rebrand programme involved the creation of the dark blue, green and white “Sentio” logotype and identity and the application of this strong new look to their corporate communications materials including their office interior and website.

Over time both agency and client have worked together to develop and enhance the identity. This has included the strengthening and extension of the “Partners” element of their overall proposition and the way this is reflected in their marketing and communications materials including their stationery, advertising and sales materials.

Most recently Sentio has incorporated the various visual identity elements into the interior design for their new prestige offices in central Leeds; and their partnership approach and messaging has been cleverly developed through integrated visuals and copy for a highly distinctive, multi-purpose corporate brochure to support their sales activity.

New Sentio Stationary


Sentio has grown steadily to become one of the leading independent corporate finance firms in the UK with significant international reach. They have a clear market positioning built around Knowledge, Experience and Foresight but they are also noted for their empathy and integrity - and this “humanity” is emphasised throughout their communications and this positioning has given them a very distinctive edge in the market.

New Sentio Stationary