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True North Products fits us brilliantly - but we couldn’t have come up with the name and packaging in a month of Sundays. The Other Person met and exceeded the brief; gave us what we needed and came in bang on budget. I like them and I trust them to work intensively to provide us with solutions that work for us.

Fergus Johnson. Operations Director. True North Products.


Festival Products was a successful but relatively unknown business based near Leeds, providing outsourced manufacturing and engineering services and expertise to a range of loyal clients involved in high-end, design-led products.

Festival wanted to expand its customer base and target new markets; more actively seeking new work from new sectors and competing more aggressively with other out-sourcing providers


The Other Person proposed a complete name change supported by a new identity and an aligned story for the business. The business relaunched as True North Products with a completely different look, feel and sales story; new sales literature; and a brand new shop-window website developed to encourage interest and enquiries. At the same time The Other Person worked with the True North leadership team on a major sales pitch and presentation to enable them to quickly become familiar with their new brand and how to translate it into their sales pitch.

Festival Products to True North
True North Brochures
True North Brochures


Carefully targeted, specific mailings have yielded a 30% response rate and a 20% conversion rate on RFQs ( Requests For Quotation). In addition True North was shortlisted for a specific major account they were targeting beating a number of significantly larger competitor businesses.


Response rate


Conversion rate

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