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In 2017 Water Babies won an award from the National Deaf Children’s Society for our delivery of lesson content for deaf people using our visual display system featuring some of our characters. This is just one example of many that demonstrate how important our character brand assets are to the whole Water Babies experience.

Steve Franks, Water Babies Group CEO and Managing Director.


The Other Person proposed to Water Babies that in order to support and enhance their market-leading position they could develop a content-rich operational and marketing approach that would help them develop and distinguish their brand; keep them ahead of their competition; reinforce their premium positioning and, overall, help enhance the value perception of the brand from initial customer acquisition and on throughout the entire customer lifecycle journey.

Teacher Swimcard


The Other Person created a suite of illustrated Water Babies brand characters that serve a range of purposes throughout the business. Some of the characters were created to support the teaching of various swimming techniques in the pool; giving visual clues and information to support parents, carers, teachers and babies as part of a fully integrated teaching and learning system, including associated language and activity terminology.

Teacher Illustration
Square Teacher Illustration
Bubba Illustration
Parent Illustration

In turn these character assets – originally developed as teaching aids – were “sweated” into many other areas of the business including squirty, chewable, toy products; as design motifs for fabrics and more; and for general branding purposes reflecting diversity and inclusion considerations. In addition the idea was expanded and extended into three named characters, Bubba, Digi and Octo, respectively representative of key aspects of the business: a mascot for the overall brand; baby-swimming photography; and the Water Babies’ shop.

Product Magazine
Product Magazine


The suite of brand characters has given Water Babies a distinctive, unique and instantly recognisable brand identity that transcends cultures and countries; that is easily protected; and helps to differentiate Water Babies from its competitors in both its marketing and its teaching activity.

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